WATCH: Sen. John Kennedy SCORCHES Climate ‘Professor’, Brings The Receipts

WATCH: Sen. John Kennedy SCORCHES Climate ‘Professor’, Brings The Receipts
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U.S. Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) didn’t hold back when a liberal climate professor with a history of attacking him online came to testify at a recent hearing.

A hearing by the Senate’s budget committee, titled “Denial, Disinformation, and Doublespeak: Big Oil’s Evolving Efforts to Avoid Accountability for Climate Change,” invited Democrat-friendly speakers like University of Miami professor Geoffrey Supran to speak about the effects of climate change. Although the committee is chaired by Democratic Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI), he was not able to reclaim time from Sen. Kennedy before he got a few shots in about the professor’s habit of assassinating his character on X.

Video of the encounter, spotlighted by the Western Journal, shows Kennedy at first appearing to acquiesce as Sen. Whitehouse said his time had expired while “there are other senators waiting.”

“I’ve got a bunch more tweets. Thank you for your objective advice,” Kennedy said sarcastically as he submitted documents allegedly containing posts by Supran that were critical of him. Kennedy, first elected in 2016, has been a vocal critic of knee-jerk climate alarmism. The jab prompted Supran to fire back. “May I clarify one final point? These are not my tweets, these are retweets,” he said.

“Oh! You often retweet stuff you don’t support, is that what you’re telling me, doc?” Kennedy asked sharply. “I did not say that I don’t support this, I’m just saying that I did not tweet it as you alleged. I’d like to make very clear that this form of character assassination is characteristic of the propaganda techniques of…” Supran replied while Kennedy shouted over him.

WATCH: Sen. John Kennedy SCORCHES Climate ‘Professor’, Brings The Receipts
WATCH: Sen. John Kennedy SCORCHES Climate ‘Professor’, Brings The Receipts

“You retweeted it, didn’t you? … Are you gonna call me a sick f***?” Kennedy shot back.

Specific posts Sen. Kennedy cited in alleging bias by Supran include one as recently in December of last year in support of Climate Defiance, “an entity that the Brookings Institute has called a radical climate change group,” Kennedy said during questioning. The same group, he continued, has called President Joe Biden a “sick f***” and his colleague Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) a “murderer.”

Kennedy then read from the group’s statement: “We do not do online petitions. We do not do NGO coalition letters. We do not do f****** bus stop ads. We chase fossil fuel CEOs and the politicians who do their bidding. And we do not apologize,” it wrote in a post retweeted by Supran.

The “radical collective” is nationally recognized for disrupting speaking events featuring some of the oil industry’s top executives. In January, a Massachusetts arm of Climate Defiance sprang onstage at an event featuring Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan, unfurling banners that read “Bank of Atrocities,” with the Bank of America logo and another reading “Business as Usual is a Climate Disaster.” Their tactics have been used by other far-left collectives, including the Sunrise Movement and Extinction Rebellion.

Climate Change and Senator John Kennedy’s Critique

The Consequence, or Fallout, of Division and Misunderstood Composition turns out to be more obstinate. Both ignore global warming. According to them, an occasional dispute is not the principal topic. It is nothing more than a petty musing in the surrounding of the material and spiritual poverty of outer regions of Earth. Given that some environmental problems are the fault of human activities, yet their removal is urgent, even a small non-intervening irony is of concern to me and all people similarly concerned about the fallacious reflection of nature.

The Fallacy of Division is a reasoning flaw in which a person assumes that what is true for the whole of something is also true for the individual parts or members of that something. In his valedictorian, Senator Kennedy committed a Fallacy of Division when he said: “I think that saints walk among us every day.”

Even more humorous is that he committed a Fallacy of Composition a short moment later. This aporetic mental error is very similar to his predecessor. A speaker assumes that what is true for the individual parts or members of a whole is also true for the whole they constitute. Senator Kennedy asks rhetorically back to what Peter sees in the wake of all his preaching to global warming: “Peter, do you see what I see? Where I am from, in Louisiana, the basketball coach would call the time!”

The United Nations is in the middle of another summit on climate change. Meanwhile, U.S. Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana delivered a valedictorian at the U.S. Senate. In the light of this well-known politician, the complex of environmental problems does almost not exist at all. But what specifically did Senator Kennedy say? About what fallacies did he help senators and the audience at home? It is the well-demonstrated Fallacy of Division and the Fallacy of Composition. They are committed by Senator Kennedy in this almost three-minute long valedictorian. Lastly, the speaker appeals also to popularity for good measure.

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