Kevin Spacey scolds new docuseries about him

Kevin Spacey scolds new docuseries about him
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welcom to America today with a new article about Kevin Spacey scolds new docuseries about him 

Kevin Spacey has branded a new docuseries about him a “desperate attempt for ratings” and broadcaster Channel 4 a “dying network.”

Kevin Spacey scolds new docuseries about him
Kevin Spacey scolds new docuseries about him

Kevin Spacey’s Response to New Docuseries

At 59, Kevin Spacey is older than all of these men and has been active in acting for the majority of his life. His last accusation was in 2016, which would have been the first time he has been accused of such behavior. Kevin Spacey’s response to the allegations was also particularly unique and is what has spurred the relevance of this write-up: an entire video in character as Frank Underwood from Netflix’s House of Cards. This content resonates with people.

With this, Kevin Spacey has begun the process of “breaking the mold” on sexual assault and its various consequences. He has reinterpreted and manipulated the public image of himself, while also portraying an act of defiance against his accusers and the general public. His response with the character act and the testimonials express his dissonance to give up his career and all that he has built over these years. And in doing so, he has sparked the idea for this write-up: would not all of this bring out similar consequences and trials seen throughout House of Cards?

There have been a lot of high-profile sexual assault cases in recent years, but none of them have been quite the same as Kevin Spacey’s. Let me preface this comment by saying I am in no way justifying the behavior that Spacey has been accused of. Sexual assault, rape, and pedophilia are all extremely serious offenses and should be treated as such. In cases like Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, Louis CK, and even other actors, Spacey’s situation is different.

All of those figures have had their careers and livelihoods completely destroyed by allegations and accusations. Whether it is to the fullest extent of the law remains to be seen, but these people are very unlikely to make any sort of recovery and return to their former job, if any at all. This is the first key difference.

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