Tram crash injures theme park patrons at Universal Studios Hollywood

Tram crash injures theme park patrons at Universal Studios Hollywood
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A tram crashed at a Universal Studios theme park in Southern California on Saturday night, leaving more than a dozen people injured, according to local news reports.

The last of four tram cars struck a rail while traveling down an incline in a parking structure at Universal Studios Hollywood, a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s official told the Los Angeles Times.

Several passengers fell off the tram in the crash, which unfolded in the studio’s lower parking lot, the law enforcement agency told America today in a statement.

“There was some type of issue with the brakes,” Lt. Maria Abal told the L.A. Times. “We don’t exactly know what yet.”

Tram crash injures theme park patrons at Universal Studios Hollywood
Tram crash injures theme park patrons at Universal Studios Hollywood

At least 14 people injured in Universal tram crash

An emergency call around 9 p.m. Saturday summoned rescuers to the park, which is part of the Universal Studios complex in Universal City, part of the San Fernando Valley. Rescuers found 14 people injured and took at least four to the hospital, the Times said, although subsequent reports put the number of injured at 15.

The sheriff’s department said most injuries were minor.

Aerial footage from KCAL-TV in Los Angeles showed paramedics treating several injured patrons and removing at least one on a stretcher.

In a statement to America today, a theme-park spokesperson confirmed that a “tram incident” had resulted in “multiple minor injuries.”

The statement continued, “We are working to support our guests and understand the circumstances that led to the accident.” The release did not divulge those circumstances.

A tram at the theme park can hold more than 100 people, Abal told the Times. She did not know how many people were on board at the time of the crash.Tram crash injures theme park patrons at Universal Studios Hollywood

The tram tour, titled the World-Famous Studio Tour, is a top-drawer attraction at the theme park, according to its website. The park is celebrating the ride’s 60th anniversary. The tram takes patrons behind the curtain on iconic movie sets, including “Jaws,” “King Kong” and “Fast & Furious.”

The California Highway Patrol will lead further investigation, the sheriff’s office said.

Tram crash injures theme park patrons at Universal Studios Hollywood


Universal Studios Hollywood was founded in 1915 and is considered to be the oldest film studio in the United States of America. It is also one of the best movie-based theme parks, located next door and adjacent to the actual television and movie studio. Being one of the oldest and best movie-based theme parks, there are many rides and attractions that include a behind-the-scenes tour of the studio, which is notable for merging the theme park ride and a movie studio. One of the most famous rides is the Studio Tour on the tram.

With different kinds of shooting scenes and the trail, visitors are guaranteed to have an exciting experience witnessing the different techniques and effects involved in filmmaking. While the ride is said to be safe, Universal Studios experienced an unpleasant accident involving the tram on June 3, 2015.

The incident occurred on Wednesday when a tram on the Studio Tour at Universal Studios Hollywood derailed, injuring at least seven theme park patrons and a Universal employee, and leaving one guest with serious injuries. The accident happened at about 9:15 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time when the driver experienced a problem with the air pressure of the tram’s front left tire, causing it to lose control of the tram and roll back into the North 110 freeway before smashing into the guardrail and stopping at a rough angular position that caused three of the cars to derail.

Background of Universal Studios Hollywood

The site of the accident is located within the Universal Studios Hollywood theme park and movie studio, at the time of the accident visited by approximately 25,000 people per day, and employing up to 40,000 people during periods of peak activity (such as filming). It includes a 415-acre complex in the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles, California.

Universal Studios Hollywood is set up as a combination movie-based theme park and active movie studio. Attractions at the park include various tourist attractions, the Studio Tour, and amusements based on movie themes which are marketed to simulate the experience of being on a movie set, advertisement or TV show.Tram crash injures theme park patrons at Universal Studios Hollywood

The Universal Studio tour is an attraction consisting of a tram ride which takes visitors through and around various active and past movie sets and productions sites within the studio. A typical tour lasts an hour and a half to complete. High in the hillsides of the park is the “Duration of tour” 50 mile per hour tram ride which services as a transportation ride to get the tour from the disembark platform to an area known as the lower lot. It is only in service for approximately a minute in travel time and is marketed as a fast and thrilling attraction which is themed after “The Fast and the Furious” movie production site. This will be significant later in the analysis.

Overview of the tram crash incident

In legal terms, the incident consisted of essentially three cases in which the injured parties expressed that the theme park didn’t do enough to ensure that the tourists, especially the pregnant woman, were adequately protected from harm while on the tram. This was conveyed by the lack of warning of an incoming collision from the driver.

The truth is that the said driver was not paying any attention while the tram was in motion. Additionally, there were no handrails and faulty lap bars, which would have prevented injuries in a normal car accident. It was also claimed that the driver of the other tram was not competent in yielding or paying attention to his surroundings.

Universal Studios Hollywood is an entertainment-based institution. In the year 2000, it was prevalent with revelations and creations based on a “front lot theme park,” which resulted in another portion being coined “back lot.” On the eleventh of June 2008, during the setting summer sun, a fatal incident occurred when a tram bearing tourists collided with another from behind as it was departing the station. In total, four people were injured: three sustained minor injuries, and a pregnant woman received severe trauma. What followed were numerous lawsuits with allegations from both parties about who was at fault and whether the pregnant woman had lost her baby due to the accident.


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