This new Google Maps feature is game changer for EV drivers

This new Google Maps feature is game changer for EV drivers
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Electric vehicle drivers are getting a little extra help on the road from Google Maps.

Google Maps and Search is rolling out new features tailored just for electric vehicles, including specific information on the location of EV chargers and hotels with on-site chargers. Maps will also help drivers plan charging stops on their travels in real time.

In 2023, 1.6 million electric vehicles were sold in the U.S., up 60% from 2022. However, one of the common concerns about owning an electric vehicle is that people don’t know where to charge them.

One of the features now available on mobile is AI-powered summaries detailing a charger’s exact location since it can be difficult for drivers to locate where a charger is in a multilevel parking lot. Google created the summaries based on millions of reviews posted in Google Maps by fellow users, including what type of plug they used and charging time. In Maps, drivers get detailed summaries leading them right to the charger.


This new Google Maps feature is game changer for EV drivers
This new Google Maps feature is game changer for EV drivers


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While on-the-go, Google Maps’ in-car map will also display nearby chargers, including real-time port availability and charging speed. While giving directions, Google Maps will also suggest the best charging locations on one- and multi-stop trips. The suggested stops will be based on the car’s battery level. Cars with built-in Google will be the first to get these two features in the coming months, the company said.

To help drivers with their overnight travel plans, Google Search’s travel page will also show hotels with on-site EV charging.

This new google maps feature is game changer for ev drivers android


Overview of the new Google Maps feature

The new feature expands the search results for the charging station by taking a detour a few kilometers from the current route. This is very helpful for EV drivers, knowing that the charging station is not located exactly along the route, and can avoid the situation when drivers reach the destination with a very low battery level. In the previous feature, the search result only shows the charging station located directly along the route, and the station that is located a few kilometers away is very hard to find.

The new feature provides not only the location of charging stations situated along the route, but also every single detail including charging point and connector types. This feature also features the real-time information on the availability of the charging station, whether it’s currently in use, how many charging points are currently available, and its charging speed. This is a significant improvement compared to the previous feature where drivers need to call the charging operator to ask for charging station information, and most of the time the information given is not up to date.


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The new Google Maps feature has beneficial attributes for EV drivers as it reduces range anxiety to a considerable extent. Range anxiety is a psychological condition that can cause both short and long-term symptoms. For example, if a person on a tight budget buys an EV and finds that they are traveling to unknown locations, they may experience anxiety that they will be stuck with a flat battery and no way to recharge it. This can cause the person to rethink their transport mode and ultimately result in the person not wishing to own an EV at all.

It can also make an EV owner use another form of transport like a petrol car for the trip because they are too anxious about using their EV. The avoidance of using an EV for trips is detrimental to the environment and public health by both energy conservation and reduction of pollution. By preventing these situations, the feature directly benefits both individual EV drivers and the general public.


Can Google Maps show EV charging stations?

For electric car drivers, one of the most useful features of Google Maps is the ability to find EV charging points. To locate your nearest electric car charger, look at the categories listed under the search bar and click ‘More’. Then scroll down to the Services section and select ‘Electric Vehicle Charging’.



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